TSC Jeanne Marie

We are very proud of our compliance with USCG UPV Regulations.  TSC Jeanne Marie has just successfully completed out second annual Uninspected Passenger Vessel Examination. 

Uninspected Does Not Mean Unregulated!

This examination includes a review for compliance in the areas of Marine Credentials, Vessel Documentation, Safety Equipment, as well as Safety and Environmental Procedures including Drug and Alcohol Screening Compliance. 

We have partnered with the USCG to provide a safe vessel and operation. The USCG has used our vessel as a training platform for their examiners again this year.  We are fully insured for UPV Operations.All of our documentation is available to our passengers. This includes copies of our Merchant Mariner Credentials (MMC) issued by USCG, Vessel Certificate of Documentation with Commercial Vessel Endorsement, Insurance Binder, UPV Examination Checklist, and our Drug and Alcohol Program Policy. We encourage our passengers to review this documentation and let us answer any questions they may have. A lot of effort has been extended to obtain our certificates and successfully complete the UPV Examination (btw, in one visit for the second year in a row).   

Soap Box Time

When you charter a vessel be sure to ask to see their UPV Examination Sticker, MMC's, And Insurance Binder. (Another BTW - if their operation is legitimate, they will gladly show these documents. If they are not operating legitimately, they aren't insured.

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